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We have a great habit of extensively planning and making our trips accessible. See where we’ve been, what we enjoyed, how we did it, and if we would do it again!

Glacier National Park

South to Miami

A trip in two parts: where one part is visiting some of the few east coast National Parks that exist, and the other is to move away from the cold weather, trading it in for a life of sun on South Beach until Caroline’s next contract tells us where to go.

Makoshika State Park

South Dakota and Badlands

For Calleigh’s birthday, an adventure built on the esteemed Badlands, dense forests, and prehistoric education had to be accomplished. After visiting the Montana Dinosaur Trail, it only made sense to expand on it all to visit one of the largest fossil and geology museums in South Dakota.

Glacier National Park

Glacier NP and Dino Trek

A trip to Glacier National Park is an absolute must for anybody interested in hiking and beauty. Alpine lakes surround you at the top of a 14 mile round-trip hike – and wildlife seems to ignore your existence as you take in the wonder of North America’s largest glaciers.

Minnehaha Falls


Minnesota proved itself to be worthy of being called our favorite US city. With an abundance of history in art and architecture, free attractions like museums and simply just wandering about in the ultra traversable paths made for a great trip. All along the Mississippi River within the city limits exist trails to explore, and even natural waterfalls we fell in love with.

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