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Questions about our items or processes.

Usually, if it is a business day, we make our best effort to pack it and ship it by the day after. In some cases if we are out hiking or on the road for an extended period of time, we can’t always guarantee that. However, we always ship first class or media mail with tracking numbers and never take longer than a week.

Usually, no. Our product is our writing, our pictures, and our knowledge that we share at no cost to everyone who visits our site! We encourage you to see if something we have put together will answer a question you have before reaching out. If you think we can answer it after that, fire away!

Yes – $500,000.

Sometimes we may occasionally recommend a product or brand now and again, but this is usually only after an actual, real-life connection has been made with that brand. We pride ourselves on not resorting to linking you to crappy Amazon products to pay for our van life – and we firmly believe that with our shared knowledge, you can use your go-getter attitude to set yourself up and travel just as the best of ’em do.

In short: we don’t get paid to write for this site, and we pay out of pocket to host it.