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Calleigh Little

Creative and professional portfolio of work completed in web design, writing, event planning, and social media.

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Tap or Vine Logo

Tap or Vine is a complete store solution to home brewing, wine making, and at-home beverage preparing industries. With a large variety of products, Tap or Vine maintains flagship status among contemporary drinking-culture trends.

Broadlist Logo

Broadlist is a unique spin on apartment hunting that allows woman landlords to have a place displaying their listings without being mixed in with their male colleagues. A need was found for women to feel safe among other women, and studies proved that women are more likely to be willing to establish working relationships with other women more than with men. The site is currently in beta and will launch around June 2019 officially.

SkateIDSA Logo

SkateIDSA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with a mission to encourage, build, and grow skateboard racing in multiple divisions. With a heavy focus on inclusion and acceptance, SkateIDSA represents competitors from many geographical locations, races, genders, and skills. As the web and communications director and board member, I primarily work to extend the reach of SkateIDSA into new markets to keep up with new generations that want to skate.


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