IrreleVANt Living

A story and a work in progress; made of love and lust for adventure.

In December of 2017, Calleigh and Caroline met while online dating. After a hilariously mismatched date at the Outback Steakhouse where one was a vegetarian and the other paid in a gift card, they went on to create a year’s worth of memories that led up to the eventual purchase and pursuit of the van life. Calleigh had just returned from her first long distance endurance adventure of skateboarding across the USA solo, and Caroline was adjusting to life in Massachusetts after a 6-month work period in Nevada.

With a cold winter made up of eating way too much sushi and getting to know each other through the magic of karaoke, they made their way to North Dakota and settled into each other’s lives very quickly. After seeing a 1988 Ford E-250 Conversion on the side of the road for sale, the future was set: they would both achieve their dream of living the van life – together.

As time dwindled on with a summer in the United State’s Midwest, they traded in their accumulated things for experiences, but acquired one thing that made their relationship inseparable: Franz Ferdinand the cat. A stray cat that wandered into a coworker’s house eventually became the centerpiece of a budding family, and the new Average American Family was born.

With a variety of backgrounds in adventure, learning and a love of the outdoors, it made sense to scrape together what little they both had to build a life in a van. Neither Calleigh nor Caroline has ever stayed in one place for too long, and the Ford E-250 Conversion was the perfect segue into making that the new normal.


Caroline Mackenzie

Resident Van Driver

Wildlife Ecologist
Nature Photographer

Calleigh Little

Professional Nap Director

2017 SkateIDSA Women’s 19-29 World Champion

Creative Portfolio
Athletic Resume

Franz Ferdinand

Lifestyle Director

Found September 6, 2018
Domestic Short Hair
Hungriest Boy in the Family


1988 Ford E-250 Cobra Conversion

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